How to become a Registrar

Compile a file to be submitted in two (02) copies to ANTIC:

Stamped application at the applicable rate in force, indicating in particular the name or company name and the full address of the applicant;

SA sworn commitment to respect the “.cm” Naming Charter;

The articles of association;

Proof of incorporation;

A certified true copy of the National Identity Card or any document in lieu thereof of the applicant or company’s CEO;

A duly completed information sheet to be obtained from ANTIC;

An attestation of the location plan issued by tax authorities;

Proof of payment of the file study fees (50,000) payable to Afriland First Bank at account number 10005-00001-01330211001-56 whose title is Agence Nationale des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (ANTIC).

N.B. : The exercise of the activity of registry office of the “.cm” is reserved for legal persons under Cameroonian law.