Update information relating to a domain name

Only changes relating to technical and administrative details in a domain name are possible.

Changes in syntax of a domain name are not possible

The Holder or Owner may, directly or through a service provider, make a request to change the technical details related to their created domain name (change of administrative contacts, DNS servers etc.) to take into account a modification in the operation their domain name (change of owner, change of address, change of server etc.).

The syntax of a domain name will only be changed in the event of an error made by the registrar. Otherwise, the applicant or his/her service provider will simply have to initiate the creation of a new domain name with the appropriate syntax. The Applicant may, directly or through their service provider, make a request for changes to administrative details concerning him, (change of technical or administrative contact, change of address).

For that purpose, the Owner only has to contact his/her registrar.