Have a Peek Here

have a peek here|have a peek here

Have a Peek Here


Have a peek here is a synonym for pique. This word means to peek, but not to pounce, so that you can see the contents of something. Taking a peek might spoil a surprise. Pique means to provoke anger and curiosity. If you want to learn more about pique, read on! Here are some examples of phrases using the word. Describe a person’s character and how they behave.

The word “peep” has a Scottish origin and may be derived from the earlier word keek, which still exists in northern English dialects. It means to look through a small opening and see an object. The ‘peek’ part refers to looking through a small, half-closed opening. The phrase is also used to describe a person looking into a closed space. This is also a way to make someone squint at a person’s face.